Blind Man’s Bluff

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Book cover of 'Blind Man's Bluff'. Cover is of the author stood among trees, obscured by a large black spot that contains the title and author's name.
Cover of Blind Man’s Bluff

Blind Man’s Bluff is a memoir by James Hill. James has Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy and is legally blind.

Notes: . Genres: memoir, non-fiction

From the publisher:

At age sixteen, James Tate Hill was diagnosed with Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy, a condition that left him legally blind. After high school friends stopped calling and a disability counselor advised him to aim for Cs in his classes, Hill used his remaining blurry peripheral vision to pretend he could still see. Feigning eye contact, memorizing common routes, filling shelves with paperbacks he read via tape cassettes, he organized his life around passing for sighted. A wealth of pop culture knowledge allowed him to steer conversations from what he couldn’t see. For fifteen years, Hill hid his blindness from friends, colleagues, and lovers, even convincing himself that if he stared long enough, things would come into focus. At thirty, faced with a stalled writing career, a crumbling marriage, and a growing fear of leaving his apartment, he began to wonder if there was a better way.

Available in print, digital, audiobook
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US publisher: W. W. Norton & Company (expected 27th July 2021)
Author represented by: Eric Smith of P.S. Literary Agency
Language: English

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