How to Be Sick: Your Pocket Companion

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Cover of 'How to Be Sick: Your Pocket Companion'. A white background with the title in large purple letters. In the middle a small blue butterfly is just over the top of one of the letters.
Cover of How to be Sick: Your Pocket Companion

How to Be Sick: Your Pocket Companion is by Toni Bernhard, who has a chronic illness.

From the author:

In this easy-to-use, easy-to-carry book, Toni shares practices from her bestselling classic How to Be Sick and also offers new suggestions and strategies for coping with a life impacted by chronic pain and illness. Because the book is organized by specific challenges, you can immediately find practices that can help when they’re needed most. With this book in hand, you will discover the experiential wisdom that has helped Toni live a life of equanimity, compassion, and joy, despite her physical and energetic restrictions—and, sometimes, because of them. In the pages of this loyal companion, you’ll find help, solace, and inspiration, no matter what life challenge you’re facing.

Available in print and digital
Amazon UK | Amazon US | Goodreads

US publisher: Wisdom Publications (July 2020)
Language: English

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