A directory of disabled characters and #CripLit

Because we all deserve to see ourselves in literature. Because diversity matters. Because representation maters.

The Discriptionary is for everyone.

For disabled readers, who want to journey to new worlds in a body resembling their own, or who want to read the thoughts of a mind in a familiar way.

For writers of #CripLit, to discover the titles that they should be reading and the authors, publishers and agents that brought them to us.

For all people – minority or not – that want to increase the diversity on their bookshelf.

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Featured Characters:

Book cover of 'The Housekeeper and the Professor'. Cover is black, with pink cherry blossoms around the edges. In the centre is the title, written in white text.

The Professor

Character in: The Housekeeper and the Professor
Disability: short-term memory following a traumatic head injury

Book cover of 'The Girl From Aleppo'. Cover shows two women, one pushing the other in a wheelchair. The title is printed to the right of the people, underneath which is written 'Nujeen's escape from war to freedom'.

Nujeen Mustafa

Character in: The Girl From Aleppo
Disability: cerebral palsy, wheelchair user

Book cover of 'Cull'. Pale cream colour, the 'C' in the title has been replaced by a graphic sign of a person in a wheelchair, with part of the wheel forming the C. Underneath the title is the author's name, Tanvir Bush.

Alex Lyon

Character in: Cull
Disability: extreme tunnel vision

Book cover of 'A Game of Thrones'. Cover is dark, with the Iron Throne behind the title. The Iron Throne is made of swords and is a key component.

Brandon “Bran” Stark

Character in: A Song of Ice and Fire
Disability: paraplegia